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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The beginning.

Hi. I'm Marci. I have big plans for 2008. The biggest plan I have is to go room-by-room in my house and make repairs, paint, declutter, reorganize, buy new stuff and generally add my own style seven years and two kids after moving in. I don't need a bulldozer: I just need a fresh perspective on making the space better.

My house is a basic three-bedroom ranch, built in the late 1940s. At some point, one of the many owners added on a huge den, which was a key selling point when my husband and I walked in. The rest of the rooms are average size for the time period and we have a good deal of closet space. In August we finally updated the kitchen with new cabinets, appliances and flooring. I realized about a month ago that the kitchen is my favorite room because it was the one room that I truly made my own. And while appreciate the artistic touches the previous owners' left behind, it's time to leave them in the past.

But why blog about it, you ask? If my dad didn't live 1000 miles away, I'm sure I could convince him to come over every day and do a little something here and there. Alas. He lives 1000 miles away. He does visit once or twice a year and he's pretty busy when he's here. And if I post my questions and photos here, he's sure to call me with advice. Or maybe your dad would post some answers to my questions. Or maybe you are a dad who's handy and loves giving advice. What dad doesn't love giving advice?

And now the true purpose is revealed. I'm using you. I need your house smarts as I embark upon this big project. Maybe you are working on your house too and need advice. Maybe you'll find a good solution here. Maybe we can figure it out together.