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Friday, July 10, 2009

Really? A whole year?

Yep, it's been a whole year since I've posted on this site. What's been going on? of the reasons for working so hard on the house last spring is because we put it on the market. Alas, no luck in getting a buyer. We had wanted to buy a bigger house in this neighborhood, but the one house we loved was sold before we could make a bid. That's the way it goes.

So we put off plans to sell and settled back into our normal routine. The girls were both in school fulltime, for the first time, so I threw my energy into my photography business. It continues to grow and do well so that's where I'm still focused.

And what's happened since then? Our house is a mess! I looked back at some old posts showing how we decluttered and cleaned up and I nearly wept! I feel like I'm stumbling through piles of crap every day and I hate it. One great thing about having your house on the market is that it's clean all the time!

Sigh. I have to remember that if I wasn't so busy with my work I would have more time for house stuff. And we kick around the idea of looking for a new house. Although that would entail decluttering and cleaning up this wreck, which practically makes me hyperventilate. The size house we want may not be found in this school district. Do we look outside this area? Do we stay in the district but look for something with expandability? I don't think we could add on to our current house, but I'm open to a renovation at another place. Sounds like I have some serious thinking to do.


Anonymous said...

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Tyrone Swopes said...

You're right; the best thing about moving to a new house is being forced to clean up. Ha ha! But yes, it is one of the most tiring things to do. But if in the end you know that it will give the house better chances of being sold, why not? Anyway, I hope your photography business is doing extra well, Marci!