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Monday, March 17, 2008

Clean living.

We have worked hard the last few weeks to clean up our house. We have decluttered, repaired, painted, rethought storage issues, decorated and deep-cleaned. Honestly, our house looks great. And I've found that a lack of clutter has more benefits that I imagined.

I feel freer. I feel less overwhelmed. I feel like I have more free time. I'm happier. Who knew?

We put several things out in our shed. And now I'm not sure what is in there, because I don't miss anything. Last night after dinner the girls wanted to play a game (btw, we keep games stored in our kitchen/laundry area because it's next to the table where we are most likely to play). Since the kitchen was clean and we didn't have to move a bunch of stuff around to make room, we said "sure!" And it was fun.

My desk is extremely clean (I've been reading LifeHacker, LifeHacks, Unclutterer, Zen Habits, the Simple Dollar and LifeClever and have been very inspired by minimalist workspaces) and suddenly I no longer feel overwhelmed by my work to-do list. In fact, I keep thinking of ways to reduce what I need for work. Because it just feels so good to have a clean space.

Have any of you had this effect? I know that I'm always happier when I clean, but I'm surprised at how great it feels to actually get rid of stuff that I used to think was necessary. Tell me about your experiences.


Michelle W said...

Well, I started last fall after a 3 year and 10 month renovation was coming to a close. I figured that if I had not used it or missed it in that lenght of time it was time to go. I am still finishing up on things like the kitchen cabinets, dresser and my room. I purged alot when I move things back to their new homes, but am still pruging. Yes it does feel so much better. I have also adopted the ideal that most things in the house should be utilitiarion(sp). I am now trying to finish paint rooms and freshing up the rest of the house that was under renovation. I am hopeing to be complete by July. Now that I have the great new machine to do floors life is alot easier when doning and putting a room bac together.

Jennifer said...

I hear you... it's felt so good t o get RID of stuff (always to a good home I try) this past year... we got rid of most of the junk we never use, but now I've been collecting things for the hosue remodel... must start using them up, I think!

I know what you mean about feeling freer and lighter...