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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Orange Glo?

John is just about to clean our hardwood floors with Murphy's Oil Soap. We love the stuff. Especially the clean smell. While he was sweeping up around me, he said he had a conversation with a co-worker about how to clean hardwood. His co-worker has just replaced her hardwood and she asked the installer about cleaning it. He said things like Murphy's are fine, but whatever you do, don't use Orange Glo.

You may have seen a commercial or two for Orange Glo. It makes claims to repair and clean damaged hardwood. According to the installer mentioned above, the product does look good going on but you'll never be able to repair any scratches or damage without ripping out the wood and replacing it. I also found a list of consumer complaints about it.

I've never bought or used this product but I'm curious if anyone out there has used it and what your experience has been. Care to comment?


aimeemcmillin said...

Orange Glo is filled with petroleum distillates. Actually, my hardwood refinisher always maintained that the absolute best thing to clean sealed hardwood is vinegar and water. Actually, vinegar and water is about the best thing to clean just about anything. If you have unsealed hardwood (waxed, as we did in our old house) you really can only dustmop.

Michelle W said...

I have had hardwood floors in all my houses. If I was getting ready to rewax them I cleaned them with ammonia. Then used Bruce liquid floor wax.

TO just clean I used vingar and water.

That was until I borrowed my friends Oreck orbiter. Well my days of hands and knees scrubing floors over. Now I use it and a biodegradable cleaner by Colnder and my floors have not looked better. I do love my floors.

Tami said...

i love orange glow, i clean our cabinets and window sills with it, but it is very slippery if you get it on yoru floor, i think it does a good job refreshing up the wood. we do not have a wood floor

Sally said...

I purchased an Orange Glow mop and
cleaning products. The cleaning
products are fine but the mop
broke the first time I used it. I
took one extension out and used it that way - bending over to do so.
Then the pads I purchased to put
under the plastic did not stay on.

I spent a total of $39.00 for the mop and 3 pads and can not use any of them - yet I no longer have the original box and therefore cannot ship it back to Orange Glo under their terms. It would also be expensive to ship the items to Canada.

I will advise people not to buy the mops and accessaries but to use
the liquid cleaners on surfaces that are safe for it according to the directions of use.

Ray said...

I have Bruce hardwood floors with a polyurethane satin finish which had become scratched and dull after seven years of use. Routine maintenance on these floors was only vaccuuming and dust mopping.

Buying into the Orange Glo hype of instant rejuvination of scratched and dull floors, I used this product according to its directions, including pre-cleaning the floors with Orange Glo cleaner.

THE RESULT WAS A DISASTER. The Orange Glo finish produced an uneven and spotty un-natural gloss which looks much worse than the original scratches and dullness.

Now I am paying over $1000 to have this Orange Glo mess stripped from the floors and the surface professionally screened and re-coated with Min-Wax satin polyurethane.

This was a hard lesson learned about using a tv-touted "miracle" product to supposedly save time and money.