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Monday, March 24, 2008


Okay, I'm kinda stuck.

My bathrooms are as finished as they are going to get. My kitchen is certainly done. I've scraped and cleaned every dang window. The only thing I have left on my original plan is to paint the trim. And while I've started doing that, photos of my paint drying don't sound all that exciting to post.

So now what?

I'm eager to keep working on my skills but I'm not sure in which direction I should go. Perhaps part of it was that I just had a week of both girls being home on spring break. Other than cleaning up I just didn't have time to even think about the next project.

Here are two options for now: post a comment about your project. Tell us what you are working on. Or give me some ideas for my place. I love fresh ideas.


Sharon said...

We're getting ready to relocate and add to our existing fence this weekend to expand our backyard.

Then in a few weeks, we're going to pour a concrete slab for a hot tub.

I'm hoping to get some pictures of the current yard/fencing and detail the project on my blog tomorrow.

Michelle W said...

You have so inspired me this year to get up off my butt and get my house back together. But after a 3 year 10 mth renovation it has been hard. I have paint my daughter's bedroom, have plans to paint the extra bedroom and do have the paint to paint the kitchen. DH is going to build me a floor to almost ceiling,(I think we are going to 9ft) over a window book cases for my room. I sure need the open storage.

I can't believe that you are already done it is only March. Great job. If you really want to keep sharp on the skills I am sure that there are many of who let you pratice at our houses:o)

Catherine said...

What is your weather like. You could do a little outside improvements. I am totally in the mood to plant things right now.