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Monday, March 3, 2008

Still outside.

When nature hands you a weekend with two glorious 73 degree days, you are crazy if you spend it inside putting up wallpaper. Instead, you should go outside and spend hour upon hour of raking those leaves that don't stop falling until February. Never mind that you are the only house on the block with leaves. You'll catch up in March.

You can even get the kids to help (barely).

And after all your hard work, your yard will be beautiful and your daughter will count upwards of 45 bags of leaves. When Monday comes, along with the rain, then you can stay inside and scrape old paint off your windows.


Jennifer said...

I raked MY lawn a week ago in similar temperatures. It's amazing what falls between October and March!

45 bags... WOW! I bet your arms are SORE!

Michelle W said...

The outside needs attention too. Last week end was a great one to do that on.

gary k said...

Y'all have been outside a long time. Come back in and post something new.