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Monday, February 25, 2008


We spent the weekend really decluttering the house, and oh my gosh does it look good. Everyone should immediately get rid of half the stuff in your house and I guarantee you will love it so much more. We cleared out the photographs that were on the shelves by the fireplace in the den, and moved all our books (out of the studio/living room) in there. That allowed me to put my crafting stuff on the studio bookshelves and to remove a big black wire shelf. That shelf is now on the carport and is great for holding our outdoor stuff, like the watering cans we never use and the 50 lbs. of sidewalk chalk we somehow have.

I'm still debating about the bathroom, and while my readers don't seem thrilled with the idea, I'm really leaning toward ordering wallpaper #3 this week. John doesn't love it (but he doesn't love any of them) but I have complete faith that it is the right choice. This may come down to a thumb-wrestling championship.

We've also hired someone to paint the exterior trim. We have ignored it for too long. I'm actually excited about the possibility of spring arriving now. Because once I finish all my interior painting and decorating, then we can start working on the outside. Just think, new shrubs and flowers and raking the leaves and hanging baskets and....

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