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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sink vanity.

First, I want to say thanks to everyone who has voted in the poll and left comments. I've read them all and I appreciate your ideas very much. Second, I've called The Grout Medic to come take a look this week and I'll see what they say. I have another tiler in mind and I'll get his opinion too. For now the bathroom walls are dingy ivory, although I'm leaning toward painting them a light, light blue.

I'm still working on the great cabinet project of 2008. Here's John's bathroom vanity. I love the dark chocolate paint color, but it seems to be taking a long time to dry. I used an oil-based primer and then a satin latex over top. I let the first coat dry for several days and did the second coat this weekend. It still feels slightly (very slightly) sticky and delicate. Has anyone else had this problem? I've decided to just give it time to harden before we start using the cabinet part.

The last thing to get for this room is a shade, and I'm thinking a dark wood blind. I spied one at Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday and I just need to measure.

I'll let you know about the other bathroom in a few days. In the meantime, I've gone through all the clutter and gotten rid of a small garbage bag of stuff that I don't need/use. And that is the real beauty of all this fixin' up.


Michelle W said...

At least this one went your way. Yes I have use oil base primer and then latex over it. It takes forever it seems for oil base to dry. Thank gooness for latex, not only does it dry quicker it washes off eaiser.

Megan Rublaitus said...

It's absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Simply stunning.... :)


Cari Skuse said...

It looks beautiful Marci!