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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Up until last Saturday, this is how the girls' room used to look:

The two twin beds were in an L shape, with bedside tables next to them, and a dresser and shelving unit on the other wall.

Now it looks like this:

I bought new mattress covers for the beds and put them on, and then started rearranging furniture. Granted, our house is small. Our bedrooms are small. But I want the girls to share a room while they are young. Later, in the next house, they'll get their own rooms. But for now they share a bedroom and they get their own playroom.

We love the new arrangement. John says it looks more like a real bedroom. And he's right. I still need to get two small lamps for the dresser (the old lamp is from when Margret was a baby). And Margret doesn't mind that her bedside table is now across the room. It's still good for stashing secret treasures.

With the new arrangement, we can also open the beautiful window shutters and let more light into the room. The area above is still a bit jam-packed with crap for my taste, but the girls like having all those shelves for their dolls and animals.

In addition to new lamps, I'll also get some new curtain panels. And I have an idea to make tufted headboards, but that won't be too soon. They've lived without them this long; they can wait a few more months.

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Jennifer said...

I like it! It looks much more usable. I bet they like their playroom a lot more than their own rooms right now, too!