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Friday, February 8, 2008

Rethinking this.

Hmmmmm. I'm thinking that taking down the wallpaper may be a bad idea. The wallpaper was adhered to what looks like unprimed drywall. And as I'm trying to get it off, I'm gouging it. That will require a lot of repair and sanding. Plus, it's probably not good to sponge hot water onto unprimed drywall, which is one of the ways I'm trying to get the wallpaper off.

So. Before I get any farther, I'm going to stop. I'll look for any loose wallpaper and remove it. Then I'll do some wall repair with leftover joint compound I have from the other bathroom. I'll prime the walls and then I'll paint. Sound good to you?


Michelle W said...

There is a paper you buy and cover the old wallpaper and then paint over. I have used it in a bathroom because of the same problem you are facing. It turned out looking good. I am sure you can get it at Lowe's or I got mine back in the day at Seabrook.

Good luck

Wendy said...

We had this happen, too and unfortunately, we ended up taking out all the drywall out and redoing it.

But, full disclosure here -- One of the other reasons was because it was installed in the bathroom, including around the shower/tub insert, and the builders did not use greenboard.

So, overall, it was actually much easier to just replace the drywall then it was trying to go back and fix it.

Good luck!!