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Monday, May 19, 2008

Home Depot's Garden Club and Workshops.

Home Depot offers a garden club (you can sign up here) and I've heard talk of a "buy 1 get one free" deal on hanging plants available when you sign up for the newsletter. I imagine they send out other coupons throughout the summer time as well.

And this may be too late for you, but some Home Depots are offering a free seminar tonight on Landscaping and Outdoor Water Conservation. Click here for more details. I see that attendees get a $10 off $100 purchase coupon.

I went to a Home Depot workshop years ago and it wasn't very well done. But I think that the local people had not been well-prepared by the corporate team. Seems like they were sent a box of stuff without being given a program to teach. I'm sure they've gotten their act together by now, and I'd love to hear a review of this program if you go.

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