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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Vinyl tiles under the sink.

The June 2008 Good Housekeeping has a great idea for the area under your kitchen sink: add self-stick vinyl tiles to the bottom on your sink cabinet. This will protect it from the spills and mess that inevitable happen there. I'm pretty sure we still have some plain black tiles leftover from the previous owners and I think I may try this.

Among the other good ideas from the article:
• Install a pullout basket for storing cleaners, dishwashing detergents, etc.
• Attach a wire basket to the inside of the cabinet door for sponges.
• Use a riser shelf (normally used in upper cabinets) to expand the vertical space (tuck smaller items, like garbage bag boxes, underneath and put taller items, like a bucket, on top).
• Add a lazy susan in the front of the cabinet for frequently used items.


Jennifer said...

Those are some great ideas! I especially like the stick tiles...

Beth F. said...

old post, but I keep the cleaner etc under my sink is dishpans from the Dollar Store. Anything that leaks leaks into the dishpan, plus I can pull them out easily to get to the items in back