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Friday, May 23, 2008

Party tip: chill drinks quickly.

We just finished hosting Margret's first grade class end-of-the-year party, and I think it was a success. Nineteen of the twenty kids came (one had a death in the family) and we had maybe half a dozen siblings and another 6-8 parents. One mom brought her small moon bounce, which of course was a big hit. So was the wagon I pulled out of our shed. It seems like every kid took turns pulling every other kid in it. They played on the playground, blew bubbles, dug around in the sandbox, twirled hula hoops and drew with chalk. We let them decorate bags, then each kid got two whacks at the pinata.

Lunch was pizza and chips, along with juice bags and water and ice pops. And then the greatest thing happened. The ice cream man showed up! Okay, we called ahead of time. But the kids looooooooooved it. About 20 minutes before the kids had to go back to the classroom we brought them inside and made them put on shoes and gather their stuff. I got to give each kid a hug and tell them I enjoyed getting to know them this year.

Wait. I think I was supposed to be giving you a party tip. Oh yes. When you are having a party and need to chill a bunch of canned drinks quickly, put your ice in the cooler (or other large container) and add water. Then sprinkle a handful of salt into the mix. Dump the cans in and they will be chilled in about 30 minutes. Cool, huh?

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Anonymous said...

hello summer!

this blog is easier to post on. i went to an awesome seminar the other night about gardening! sooo excited. i have finally learned the trick to gorgeous hanging baskets. this fellow doing the talk is huge in the home and garden television, british landscape hort background..very cool!

you start your hanging basket soil a couple of weeks prior to planting them. you take two parts basket soil or lightweight pot mix, one part compost, a table spoon of slow release fertilizer, and get this a baby diaper! you take the plastic off and had a couple of handfuls in for absorption! it holds the water adn you need not water as frequently.

once the mixture is in the basket, you water it every couple of days to get it acclimatized and then the plants are much happier going into the mix! very cool

donna london ontario canada spring is finally here..almost no frost! wow...