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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Recycling for dollars.

I just stumbled upon, a website that gives rewards points for your household and business recyclables. The service isn't available where I live (our recycling is picked up by the city), but oh how I wish it was. I've signed up so I'll be notified if it does come here.

Every week when we put out our trash, we have a filled recycle bin, along with two small trash cans of additional materials. Our large garbage bin (also provided by the city) is never full anymore. I look up and down the street and maybe see three or four recycle bins set out. None are even close to being filled.

I don't understand why more people don't recycle. Especially when, in our area, all you have to do is put your stuff out on the curb. You don't even have to separate paper from plastics. When we redid the kitchen last year, I made sure to include a pull-out trash cabinet that has two cans. The front one gets trash, the back one gets cardboard, paper, plastic and metal. When I pull out the cabinet, all I have to do is think about which can to drop the item in. Easy peasy. Even my girls know which one to use.

Are there any good reasons for not recycling?


Jaguar said...

Our town is just getting on the recycle bank bandwagon, and while I think its great how easy they make it, I'm not happy about it overall. The biggest thing is they are taking away one of our trash collection days to do it. The points that they give you are practically worthless though. Although they advertise them as getting you free gift certificates and things, in reality the points are only good for coupons, many of which are the same ones that come in the mail anyway.

Its great that people recycle more with it, but I feel like Recycle Bank is fleecing our town, by charging us more to provide basicly the same service we had before.

Justine said...

I for one am excited about this program... I stumbled upon it not too long ago and made the switch, and am finding not only do you earn points easily, and gcs are easily obtained. It didn't cost me anything extra... in fact I SAVED by switching to a collection agent that offered this service! :)