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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bathroom design.

My obsessive-compulsive watching of design shows on tv has me thinking about our two bathrooms. The majority of my work in the house will be cosmetic. But now, the bathrooms seem to be important for the future, when we decided to sell (don't freak. We have no plans for that right now). We have a 3/4 bath off our bedroom that is an easy fix. I just need a new vanity (preferably dark wood, like walnut) with a white sink. I think we could reuse the same faucet as it is fairly new. I need to pull down a border and paint the ceiling and walls. There is tile, but it's blue and white and completely workable as far as color scheme. I'd pull out the old, ill-fitting medicine cabinet and hang a mirror instead.

The main bathroom is the big eyesore. Lots of yellow tile. Lots. And a yellow bathtub. Eww. So I would need to replace the bathtub and I would also redo the vanity (same as above) and get a new toilet. All the tile would need to come down. Did I mention the not-quite-matching yellow tile floor? It's gotta go too. I'd put in a new tile floor, something with a bit of yellow/gold hues. All fixtures would be white. The walls would be a light gray/blue. And here's the genius part: there is a closet with a door tucked into one corner. I would completely open that up and add a floor-to-ceiling walnut cabinet there. It would be stunning and I think the bathroom would feel a little bigger.

But alas, watching home shows is dangerous because all those changes don't sound cheap, do they? Unless a pot of money falls from the sky, we will probably wait until we are close to selling and do a home equity loan and get it done. It will surely add equity to the house and be worth it. In the meantime, I'm going to dream about it for a while...

Let me know if you've redone a bathroom and what it was like.


Jennifer said...

We renovated our Master Bath at our previous home. All work (except for plumbing) was done by hubby (you are welcome to pick his brain). I don't remember it being too terrible. We had a big whirlpool tub to tear out, but that was the worst of it. The tile you feature in your previous post for the backsplash is what we used in the bathroom. VERY NICE. I think I have digi photos of the remodel I can email to you. Good luck with all of the renovations. :)

Michelle W said...

Just finish a complete bath room remold back in the fall. It is not to bad if you have a place to go to the bath room and bath while you are working.

But as for tearing out your tile. I have seen a bathroom just recently that they had someone come in a put like a enamel glaze of white over the exosting tile and tub and it looked great. It was alot cheaper than complete tear out and replacment of tub and tile on the walls.They did retile the floor and replace the toliet and vanity and other cabinets in the room. Just thought I would give you this as another option.

Anonymous said...

wow busy girl you are! for renovating your bath, if moving and selling and home equity loans are a long way off, i would paint the tiles so you could live with them! and always always do tiles in neutrals, that way no matter what colour or pattern or texture you put with them, you can always make a match. or a two tone neutral textured tile is pretty easy and flexable. tying the next owner into your choice of a bit of yellow in something as costly as flooring or tiles will land them in your boat only they might not be as creative or handy!

using a chest of drawers that you buy cheaply at auction or junk shop or even a road find is a great way too go for either bathroom! size is of cours the key.

just my thoughts of course. i envy your get up and go to get it done!

donna, london ontario from the crop for kids!

ps i am a designer by trade, have allllll the creative genious to get my reno done, but i work nights! and my contractor simply will not become a nocturnal dude! oh well the plans remain the same, and i just got two FREE fabulous condition claw foot tubs for my fabulous house..i will sell one and that will buy me taps for mine! wow...

keep up the good work!

TitansFan said...

It seems like a huge job.
I myself just remodeled my master bathroom.

I stripped everything down to the drywall.

We purchased everything from this company: My Bath I bought a Whirlpool Tub, Vanity, and even a Shower Panel. I love it all and recommend them. This is my new Whirlpool Tub

Andry said...

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stephen said...

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