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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thanks so much...

...for the bathroom ideas. I'm looking into reglazing the tub and tiles (everything is in good shape; there's just too much yellow). If I can bring the cost way down, I could make it happen now, instead of in a year or two. And I would be so happy to have a pretty bathroom now. (Oh, Donna, when I mentioned yellow/gold in the floor I meant something that looks like marble or stone but leans toward yellow hues. Nothing strong at all.).

And that just makes me want to point out that you never know what can happen when you put stuff in writing. The mere act of me thinking out loud on this blog attracted your comments which made me think in a new, beneficial way. How great is that?

Is there something you need help with? Feel free to use the comments. You never know what you'll get back.


Anonymous said...

hello there!

wow you sure are doing great things! this blog is really such a huge inspiration to get things done and search things out! not only have i acquired a lovely old claw foot tub, but the second paying for the taps. last night at work on the buy and sell there was a kitchen for sale! yep complete with counter tops and sinks nad taps. wow..asking 500 dollars!

savings...about 6500! i have to go and measure and of course call handy dude contractor and see how to go about laying out a new kitchen..a paint job and whooooo..sooo excited.

even though the yellow/gold tones are stone related they still may or may not be difficult to work with ten years down the road, unless of course you are like me and say that would be the new owners worry haha...if you were to go really neutral like a camel or beige ivory grayish combination you could still add dark gold or yellow tonese on the walls..or as accents and have it is a huge selling feature if the big ticket items like tiles and tubs and toilets are your basic go with all neutrals that have no date to them.

not every one is as creative and handy ..and if they have to do the least little thing , they move on!

sounds like a busy weekend ahead! and it is still way above zero celcius!!!! soooo awesome our weather!

donna london canada

Sharon said...

I've been shopping around for cabinet pull outs. All the cabinets in this house are too deep so I'm always unloading and reloading to get to things in the back.

Any advice or resources for me??