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Monday, January 28, 2008

Master bedroom closet.

So we finished the closet this weekend. And I love it.

Do yourself a favor: go clear out your closet and buy some paint and paint it right now. Use a color a little darker than the room it's in and it will look bigger, deeper. Then after it dries be very selective about what you put back in it. I promise this will bring immense joy to your life.

I added my clothes to the left. I don't need much space since I don't have a work wardrobe (aside from jeans and turtlenecks). In the middle column is: purses, painting clothes, an organizer for John, linens for our bed, sweaters for me and out-of-season stuff for me. I also made room to store the ironing board, iron and supplies.

We bought a new shoe organizer for John that is tucked into the right hand side (the closet extends about 15 inches on either side past the doors). His clothes will go on the two right-hand racks.

We each have a generously sized dresser in our bedroom for the rest of our clothes. But here's where I'm going to shock you: we store all our clothes in our bedroom. Okay, I think John has one bin up in the attic with off-season, but for the most part we are rigorous about getting rid of stuff we don't like/don't wear. It can be done. If you don't love it, don't keep it.

If I did have an office job, the closet would certainly be tighter. But I think I would take the school uniform approach of only buying good pieces in a few colors to keep it simple.

We also used to have a laundry sorter in the closet. It was nice to keep it hidden, but now it is back out in our bedroom until I find a nicer one. I'd like something that can hold three different bags, but also has a lid. Anyone?

I made another best friend while painting: my $7 light. I can't believe we didn't have one of these, but we do now. It was invaluable in being able to see the upper areas for painting. John wanted to put it in our shed when we were done, but I pretty much want to carry it around with me.

One more note about closets: this is the last one that I will paint a "color". The spare room/playroom closet and the two hall closets will be painted ivory. But they will be painted. And reorganized. I cannot wait.


Michelle W said...

Closets look great. I probly missed it from an earlier post. But where did you get all your closet shelves and rods. I have looked and can't find anything that looks this nice.

marci lambert said...

michelle, our closet organizers were purchased at home depot about three years ago. over in the closet organizing section. i think we were able to buy the middle column, shelves, rods and hardware all as one unit.