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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Help: phone jack.

Meet my kitchen phone jack. It has always been wobbly and too low, so I decided to take a peek. Ugh. That wallpaper. I would be nauseous if I had to eat surrounded by that wallpaper.

Ah, there is no actual drywall for the bottom screw to screw into. That explains a lot. Of course, I have a plan. I'd like to cut a thin line in the wall and raise up the jack as high as it will go, probably three or four inches based on the length of the attached wires.

I have no idea what that circular thing is, other than some sort of device meant to make my wall lumpy. I will remove it.

The reason for cutting into the wall is so I don't have to undo all these little wires. I'm sure I could do it, but why risk it? Just cut, move up, screw into drywall, reattach phone, repair lower wall. This is on my list for this weekend. I've been messing up and cleaning up my kitchen so frequently that I need a small break. But I'll be sure to show you my progress with the top of my pantry and the tiling behind the stove.

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