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Monday, January 21, 2008

Up next: the master bathroom.

I still have odds and ends to finish up in the kitchen, but on Sunday I decided to move on to the next room. The original plan was to move out from the kitchen into the dining room and den, which primarily need painting and minor touch-ups. But I still haven't figured out paint colors and John made some disparaging remark about his bathroom (which is also the master bathroom) so I decided to switch gears and work on that room instead. Plus, I fall asleep every night thinking about how to upgrade the main bathroom, so baths are on my mind a lot.

First let me say that there is nothing master about the size of this room. It has a decent sized shower, but the rest of the room measures 4' x 5 1/2'. That is not a typo.

But it's in pretty good shape and the tile is not some weird, hideous combination. So it's workable. While John watched football, I scraped off the wallpaper border (my fault -- I put it up after we moved in. And it just didn't work.) and patched the walls and ceiling. I painted the ceiling the same white as the kitchen and it only needed one coat. I also took a razor blade and scraped off years of paint flecks off the tiles, and I caulked all around where the tile meets the wall. Much better.

This morning I rolled on a coat of green that is slightly darker than the color that was in there and slightly lighter than our bedroom walls. I'll do a second coat a bit later today.

Meanwhile I'm thinking of what to do with the monstrosity of a medicine cabinet. When we first moved in, the previous owners had a large mirror across this wall. When we took it down, there was a spot carved out for a medicine cabinet. So we went looking. And could find nothing that fit the measurements of the space left in the drywall. We picked up this little beauty cheap and rigged up that fabulous board at the bottom to cover up the space. Awesome.

But now I watch HGTV obsessively and this solution no longer works for me. I started researching medicine cabinets and holy frig! Why does a nice one cost $300? I think I will look for a mirror to hang there. After I fix the drywall. Because frankly, I'm itching to mud some drywall right now. I did okay with the tiling, right?

Coming up: what should I do with the bathroom vanity?


Anonymous said...

hey there,

busy again wow! i am sooo inspired! it is has taken me three weekends now to get the floor in the computer/scrap studio two thirds scraped of renter goo! sooo nto going quickly!

i had an icky medicine cabinet with cracked nasty edges, so i bought an old antique looking frame that was wide enough to cover the ugly edges and not too wide to impose on the swing of the medicine cabinet. you could do something like that and it would update and freshen up. or you could hang a window box or wire basket like arrangment with more storage or extra hand towels etc,

hang it a big lower so you have room to get your hand in...

i thought of you as i was at michael's on the weekend, i found stamps in their dollar bin that said EH? sooo funny. of course i had to get a couple haha...not that i say eh but you never know?

donna in london, ontario

Michelle W said...

You so inspoire me. As I am sitting here watching HGTV and checking out my fav blogs. I should be finishing up my last report for the CPA. Your master bath sounds like the one in my first house. When we looked at the house the agent said that there was a bath and half in the house. Well when we looked at the house we didn't see it. Okay make long story short. There was a large piece of furniture sitting in front of the mster bath and once she moved it and when we moved we discoverd the master closet as I refered to it.

Keep up the great work.

You are getting good at the chaulking. I must get me one of the chaulk smoothers you found.

Laura Hays said...

We bought one at the pottery barn outlet to replace our outdated medicine cabinets on Mary Ann. They were small wooden ones painted white. I will email you a picture. We only paid like $40 each. We had to touch up one with white paint, but the other was perfect. I am pretty sure they still sell them there.

lea said...

is there an ikea near you? i got a GREAT medicine cabinet there for very little moola. and it has these really cool customizable shelves that you can add....