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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Let's get crack-a-lacking.

Yesterday I picked up a new caulking gun. I have caulked before -- the wooden barn we had built in our backyard several years ago did not include caulk and paint. And while I love painting, I'm not so crazy about the caulking. Listening to my dad's advice, I tried to push the caulk, meaning the nozzle is out front, moving forward, leaving a trail of caulk behind it. He said most people try to pull the caulk (imagine pulling the gun back toward you as the caulk leaves a trail in front) and that does not always result in a good seal. For me, the real issue was holding up a heavy caulk gun and trying to control the stream of caulk. It was messy.

I've been doing some reading on the subject for the past few weeks and several articles have mentioned getting a good quality caulk gun to start. The one I picked up automatically sucks a little caulk back in whenever you release the trigger. I think it will help. When Dad was here in September he picked out a paintable caulk for me, and that's what I'll use.

Now, I'm sure you are wondering why I'm going to caulk. Basically, I'm not happy with a few of the areas between my cabinets and the walls and ceiling. And I'm finding that while I'm willing to tackle nearly anything, it's the finishing off that always seems to bring a project to a standstill. I have vowed to start working through those problems. It's the main reason I started this blog. So. Let's discuss.

Note this area between the wall and cabinet. I think a nice bead of caulk will fix this little mess, don't you? Easy.

This one below, however, is more of a problem. At it's widest it's about 1/4 inch wide. Seems too big for caulk. I have some extra trim left over but I'm not sure how to integrate with the molding at the top of the cabinet. Any thoughts? And how does one finish off the bottom where the cabinet ends?

Next up is the ceiling. It's plaster and needs repainting. When they pulled out the old soffit, the new cabinets didn't quite cover up the same area. My plan here is to do a little scraping and add caulk. I think I'm okay here.

And here's my biggest problem. The pantry cabinet plus molding does not reach all the way to the ceiling. What in crap's name do I do about this? This is definitely the worst area. I blame it on old rickety house syndrome. Help me. Someone. Help.

Any comments are appreciated. Anyone can leave a thought -- you don't have to be registered with Blogger to do so. Keep that in mind, Dad. I'm counting on you.


Michelle W said...

I feel your pain about the gap at the top of your ceiling and cabinets. I also have the old house thing going on. My house is about 125 years old. I had to take the inperfect view on this matter. I tried chaulking, bu it looked like CRAP. The gap look better and now after 5 years I don't even notice it.

Gary K said...

It's hard to give advice based on these pictures. Is the cove molding that's at the top of the pantry also on the top of all the upper cabinets? What's the difference between the smallest and largest gap? More than a 1/4"? If so, you're probably looking at a big job to fix it.

The best way to fix it would be to get a bigger molding, perhaps a small crown, and scribe it to the ceiling. "Scribing" means following the contours of the surface, so you would remove material from the molding so it fits tightly to the ceiling. It's a lot of fusswork to get it to look good.

gary k said...

ps - I found your blog because my niece said "let's get crack-a-lacking" and I went to google to figure out what the heck she was talking about.

gary k said...

The one where the edge of the cabinet doesn't meet the wall is just a piss poor installation job. They were supposed to scribe that edge (which, fittingly enough, is called a "scribing strip") so it would fit tightly to the wall.

You might be able to dress that up with some quarter round molding. The cove molding wouldn't look good there.

Joy Madison said...

how cool that Gary had some answers for you just b/c his niece said crack-a-lacking