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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My next victim.

Uh, I mean my next project. This is the girls' closet. A few years back John replaced the cheap white wire organizers from the previous owners with these. He did all three bedroom closets and I love them. I have large canvas bins from Bed, Bath and Beyond that go in most of the cubbies. It greatly increases our storage space.

Also a few years back, I painted the girls' room with whimsical fairies, inspired by some fairy princess bedding I picked up at Target. This room is very, very pink. And we're keeping it.

I decided to let the girls choose the color for the inside of the closet. Being girls, they chose purple. The purple of this fairy's shirt. I thought I had an old paint can so I could have Lowe's match it, but do you remember my post that mentioned the great laundry room shelf crash of 2005? I may have lost the can then, or it may have been one of the colors I mixed from some of the other colors. Anyhoo.

Audrey and I went to Lowe's this morning to grab a bunch of paint chips so we could come home and match it. And darn if Audrey didn't nail it on the first shot. She latched on to one of the strips and pronounced it the color. When we got home, it was dead on. It's good to know I have passed on my mad color skillz.

Tomorrow, when the kids are both at school I'll tackle the painting. I'm thinking two coats. It's really purple. Most importantly, the girls and I will go through all of the stuff that came out of the closet and be very selective about what goes back in. It's the only way to live in a 1940s ranch house.

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