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Thursday, January 10, 2008

New post coming.

Quick update #1: bleach is not working on my sink scuff marks. More research required.

Quick update #2: I have spent a ton of time in the kitchen and I'll have some photos and tips for you later today.

Quick update #3: watching HGTV and DIY Network in bulk has made me want every product that Billy Mays sells. And all those DR products.


chazzygreeneyes said...

This is what I used when I had a sink like that. I LOVE this stuff!!

Good luck!! chas :)

Sharon said...

Our sign that we watched those channels too much during Christmas break was when our four year old broke a toy and asked for the Mighty Putty to fix it!

My only thought about the scuff is soft scrub and a green scrubber. Or maybe a magic eraser.

Anonymous said...

hello there!

what about contacting the manufacturer of that type of sink or the home stores, lowe's or home depots? lowe's actually has a really good diy section on their web pages!

we are eagerly waiting for a lowes here in london ontario! we have just had a huge january thaw..spring like temperatures might even get my tulips planted! still really warm for this time of year. record highs! gotta love it. the flooding and excess water, not so much haha..

keep up the good work!

donna, london ontario canada!