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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Help: tiling.

I found this gorgeous sheet of tile at Lowe's for about $3 a sheet and bought two, with the thought of making a backsplash behind my stove. I also picked up a sheet of navy blue tiles to perhaps use as a border on either side.

Now, I've never tiled before. But this isn't a very large space and it can't be that hard, right? So please let me know your best tiling tips. Especially any thoughts about finishing off the edges. My dad mentioned tiles that have a curved surface on one end, but I'm thinking maybe just a bead of caulk on the ends. Only the left and right sides will show. And because this is such a simple project, I won't have to cut any tiles. I'll just fill in as evenly as possible.

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Michelle W said...

I love the tile you found. I tiled my back splashes my self and floors. On the wall I always use the premix mastic, since it is such a little job and they make it the right tickness. You will have to have a trail with small teeth, level and if you don't have to cut anything you are set on getting it up. I have found that getting the first piecs level and where you want the hards part. I have learned that you want to start from the middle and work your way out. Once it sets over night you can grout it. I always look at grouting as icing a cake. The key to the grout job is getting it wiped off after you have it in the seams. Clean sponage and ALOT of clean water. Your Dad is right they do make bullnose pieces for the out side edges. But since you are getting so good with molding what about a small trim piece painted the color od your walls?