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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Let me introduce you to my kitchen.

In August 2007, I finally redid my kitchen. Well, Lowe's redid my kitchen. We've lived in this house since 2001 and I've wanted a new kitchen since the moment we moved in. Last summer we realized we needed some major home repairs, like a new roof, so we refinanced and took out extra money for the kitchen. Amen. The old one had crappy cabinets and some weird things going on with the countertops. It also had long soffits, which made the space between the counters and the top of the wall cabinets less than ideal. The kitchen is not a small room but it always felt cramped.

Um, hello? Why is there a counter overhang and nothing underneath?

Notice the giant range that was incapable of holding the right temperature. And you can't really see the lack of counter space, but there was hardly any on this side. Also, on the near side of the refrigerator there were wall cabinets but nothing underneath. Nice.

Ahhhhh. Here is the new kitchen. Beautiful cabinets, no ugly soffit, more counter space. Yummy.

Look, a non-steroidal stove and mucho counterspace. Hurray! And thank goodness for microwaves that mount on the wall. Overall, I'm totally happy about the room. In addition to what you see above, we also added a cork floor in a deep burgundy color. And we replaced a light fixture over the table. Now I'm ready to move on to some finishing touches. And of course, I need your help. The next post will explain all.

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Anonymous said...

here is my renovations it will hopefully all get done and accounted for.

i started a binder, each area to be done will have it's own tab. under each tab there is a floor plan, there are four photos of the before, one of each wall, there is a wish list with priorities marked off but in no particular order, there will be paint chips, inspiring photos, things i love and ideas to give the contractor, as well as photos of things that need to be included, and things i must find, and a list of the jobs that i need to do for prep, like moving out furniture, replacing windows and waiting on weather many things to consider!

the book is getting thick and the reno in it's full scale is major jobs away! road blocks are the big thing haha the big one is that i work nights and funny dude that my chosen contractor is, he is not a nocturnal guy! oh well.. i do see days in my future!

hang in there i think your house smart blog is a great idea. i look forward to more posts! and seeing the progress for you will of course be incentive to keep; moving! nothing like being accountable.

london canada