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Friday, January 25, 2008


This is one purple closet. If you stare at it too long, you get spots on your eyes.

But the girls love it and I do, too. Because it is so much more organized now. I used to have two laundry baskets and four large bins with off-season and next-size-up clothes. By hanging up some stuff and making the girls go through the clothes to weed out what they don't like, I'm now down to one bin per girl. I took out one clothes basket because they rarely used both.

I hung Margret's stuff on the left, above. She also uses that hanging organizer for her school clothes that we pick out each week. Audrey's off-season stuff is on the upper right. Her winter dresses are on the lower right, along with her and Margret's sweaters and jackets. These used to be in the dining room, in a big basket which was always a mess.

The upper right shelf has some uniforms for Audrey in the fall. I need a container for them. And the middle column full of pink Bed, Bath and Beyond bins has been reorganized. Extra shoes that get passed down to Audrey are at the very top. I made her go through and take out anything she doesn't want. Next is linens for their beds. I like to store sheets in the room where they are going to be used. One more bin down is swimming gear. And next is Margret's school uniform stuff (where we pull from to pick out her clothes for the week).

The last two bins are pajamas for each of the girls. They share a dresser and it was just getting too full. I had to stack clothes on top, which looks totally crappy. So I took the jammies out and they love having easier access to them. I love that their dresser drawers can close. I am determined to make their room look good again. At least for fifteen minutes at a time.


Michelle W said...

Are you for hire?

Anonymous said...

i echo michelle's word! oh my bout a lovely winter weekend in canada? oh you would love it.....bone chilling cold, i would even cook ot have closets that look like that! wow...although i only have two closets in my 2600 square foot big old house haha..we could improvise! great job..

donna in london ontario canada, current temperature -14 degrees celcius with a wind chill factor that makes it feel like -26! oh fence licking this weekend!

*Paula* said...

that looks great Marci. Matt's painting Molly's closet as I type this and the new shelving arrives Monday. You've inspired me to go to BB&B to look for bins like yours - I like your system!

Sara said...

You are on a ROLL! Isn't it a great feeling to clear the clutter??

Vivian said...

Looks good! Can't wait to see the next closet!